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Forget Normal Amazon Product Tracking…

You Need Entire MARKET tracking

The game of Amazon FBA is “getting real”. For years you could do well finding a product, researching some of your top competitors – pop them into an ASIN tool and get to work.

Those days are long gone.

New competitors are coming, established competitors are calling it quits and liquidating or going out of stock.

With all these drastic changes in the marketplace – what is an Amazon FBA seller to do?

Stay on Top of the Overall MARKET – Not just a List of Products

Take a step back and stop looking at some trees in the forest. You need to take a wider angle shot and see the entire forest not the just some trees.

How to do that with so many products coming in and out of your market. You could spend hours every day finding new competitors, seeing established players run out of stock.

The Key To Success Is Knowing WHY your sales are up or down

Ask any successful Amazon FBA seller – why are their sales up that day, or down that day.

Check Wechat and Facebook groups and you’ll see so many wondering why and asking around.

Is it a holiday?

Is it new competitor?

Is it a change in Amazon’s algorithm?

Get These Insights & A Total Image Of the Market Today

Stop guessing. Stop poking around in Facebook groups and checking the USA holiday schedule and take back control.

With this truly amazing software: Totallitix.

What It Does

Your whole Amazon market – at your fingertips

Get all of your market data on one single matrix
See your true market size and the number of competitors
Review every detail and every shift in your competitor’s state
Sort, filter, slice and dice your market from every angle

Unleash the power of data and discover your market trends
Display any data point on the chart
Connect it with any other data point
Learn how different factors affects each other over time
Discover the trends and dynamics in your market

Seat back and loosen up… We’re on the watch… 24/7!
Get alerts for every new competitor and product
Find competitors long before they affect your sales
Add them to your Amazon market tracker with just a click
Be the first to know – Be the first to act

So – what is:

The Offer: Lock In An Amazon GFA deal Today – For Lifetime

So – when we saw this amazing software, we new it was a game changer for Amazon sellers – and we begged – for you – to get an amazing deal.


Yes, no more monthly fees – enjoy this software for less than a normal year’s subscription.

  • Starter Package For a Lifetime
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  • 1 user account

This is a NO Brainer! Maybe you should pick up a couple subscriptions for this lifetime offer today!

To Recap

Summary of Offer (TLDR)

This is a breakthrough Amazon MARKET monitoring software – not just products!

Get alerts of new competitors and changes in YOUR market.

Get a lifetime account exclusively from GFA Deals for the less than a year at the normal price.

Listen To

What People Are Saying

Meir Simhi has been using this for months and it is his daily go to software.

Make it happen

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